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Sheet Metal Fabrication

sheet metal fabrication

Fox Design & Manufacturing Services Limited (FDMS) is a precision sheet metal fabrication company, based in Flint North East Wales, specialising in the design and manufacture of cabinets, enclosures and general sheet metal products, with all processes achieved in-house.

Why Choose Us?

  • 24/7 unmanned operational capability
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Bespoke design
  • Powder coating
  • IP rated solutions
  • Combined Laser Punch
  • Over 40 years experience

Key Sectors

About FDMS

Based in Flint, North East Wales, Fox Design & Manufacturing Services Ltd is an ISO-9001 Registered, precision sheet fabrication company with extensive industry knowledge and experience. FDMS operates using the latest technology and finishing equipment, and has the capacity to operate 24-7 utilising our fully unmanned auto laser punch combination sheet metal processing equipment. 

As well as manufacturing our own extensive range of outdoor street cabinets, data cabinets, FTTx cabinets, power distribution cabinets, perforated panels and telecoms equipment, FDMS offers a bespoke solutions service, working with our experienced design team we are able to provide our customers with individual requirements. We also offer a full sub contract custom fabrication service.

Subcontractor for PRECISION sheet fabrication

Our sub contract service offers many products from brackets to large full assemblies, including disciplines from design, combined laser punch, folding, welding, powder-coating and product assembly, covering all disciplines of product manufacture in-house to support our customers.