Sheet Metal Manufacturing

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Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Operating over 10,000 square feet, the factory workshop runs a series of sheet metal manufacturing processes making it possible to produce sheet metal products in-house with accuracy and reliability.

Amada ASR 3015 PR

FDMS has invested in the UK’s first of its kind Amada ASR 3015 PR, which is the only solution currently available on the market that combines fully automated loading and unloading, with part removal in one complete compact cell. This state-of-the-art equipment works in conjunction with our EML 2515 AJ punch fibre-laser combination machine. The combination of both punch and laser gives us the advantage to process components utilising the benefits of a punch such as forming, tapping and perforated features with the benefits of a laser cut finish.

FDMS is very much of the mindset ‘If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well’ which is why repeat custom is a continuous streamline. Sheet metal manufacturing produced by FDMS is done with meticulous attention to detail, regardless of customer and industry.

Strengths and Experience

The team at FDMS offer a diverse range of strengths in the design, development and manufacturing of sheet metal fabrications. Our operational measures in place display confidence in both existing and emerging markets, enabling FDMS to explore new sheet metal fabrication challenges across new industries and support the growth of FTTx solutions across the country.

FDMS prides itself upon its reputation of supplying the design, manufacture and assembly of high quality, high tolerance sheet metal fabrication products. Recent investment in our manufacturing plant has allowed FDMS to operate its strict disciplines and industry best practices from a modest 10,000 sq ft premises.

One of the many established processes in place is the ability to support files across a number of software facilities.

In-house Services Include:

  • Design Software
  • Amada EML 2515 AJ fibre laser punch combination complete with fully automated ASR 3015 PR loading, offloading and part removal system. 
  • CNC Press Brake and forming cell
  • Stainless prep and polishing cell
  • Stud Press Machine
  • Welding to include MIG, TIG, Spot Weld, Stud Weld
  • Powder Coating complete with three-stage on-line pre-treatment plant
  • Mechanical and electrical assembly