We offer our powder coating services and facilities as part of our sub contracting services. Our expertise and equipment ensures that we provide our clients with only the top quality of powder coating finishing. Leaving your products with a finish that enhance both the durability, aesthetics and functionality of your products. 

Why should you powder coat your products?

Powder coating is by far the most popular finishing technique when it comes to painting in the industry. It increases the durability of your products; ensuring they are resistant to chipping, scratching and fading. And as opposed to it’s solvent based equivalent, the process in itself is much kinder to the environment. There are also a wide range of colours you can choose from that we can apply to your products through our powder coating service. Our facilities include our curing and drying ovens also ensure that a quick turnaround can be guaranteed should you be on a tight timescale.

Why choose us?

Our process starts off with a thorough pre-treatment; one of the foundations to ensuring we reach that flawless powder coating finish. Our pre-treatment includes cleaning, surface preparation and applying appropriate chemicals to guarantee durability. We also cater any range of variance of unique requirements that you may have, thanks to our facilities and team expertise. And we always make sure that quality assurance is our highest priority. This applies throughout the entire process ensuring that when your products are finished, they are of only the highest quality. 

If you want to know more about our powdercoating subcontracting services get in touch by email at  or by calling 01352 733373 and a member of the team will be happy to help.